Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunday Coupon Preview 9-2-12

There will not be any coupon inserts this weekend due to Labor Day! So clean up your binders and file away coupons you have not yet filed. Use holidays to get organized.

And Go Pirates!

from A Diva!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunday Coupons Inserts Preview 8-26-12

Well this weekend there will be 3 inserts in your paper to look forward to. Head over to
Sunday Coupon Preview to get a list of possible coupons from:

1 Smart Source

1 Red Plum

1 Proctor & Gamble

I am super excited about the Dawn Dish Detergent coupons, they will be on sale this week at CVS for $.99, so you can get dish detergent for around $.25 - $.50 which is great deal. Stock up!

As always I recommend getting the News and Observer, $2.

If you buy from a store be sure to get yours inside to ensure your inserts are in the paper you buy.

Good Luck!

Have a fabulous weekend!

from A Diva!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 8-19-12

Alright this Sunday there should be two Coupon Inserts!

1 SmartSource

1 Redplum

Good luck, head over to Sunday Coupon Preview to check out what coupons you MAY expect in the paper tomorrow!

Remember if you buy your paper from a local store, buy inside so that you can verify that your inserts are in your paper before you buy.

As always I recommend buying the News and Observer, $2 each!

Go out and save fabulous people!

from A Diva!

If you every need answers to your questions or advice, please feel free to ask me.

Email me at or you can leave a comment on my blog!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Toys R Us/ Babies R Us Coupon = FREE Stuff!

Just headed over to Coupon Pro Blog and found an awesome deal!

How did I manage to work at Toys R Us and never sign up for text alerts?

Head over to facebook to score a $5 off $5 or more coupon for Toys R Us/Babies R Us!


Don't want to print or like extra FREE stuff, text "5ONUS" to 78697, and you will receive a mobile coupon for $5 off $5 or more purchase!


from A DIVA

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunday Coupon Preview 8-12-12

Have you ever wondered if you got all the coupon inserts? Well here's a website you can go to and preview what coupon inserts will be in the paper! This is importanat to do because sometimes people take inserts out of the papers. I always count inserts before I purchase my paper. So head over to Sunday Coupon Preview each week!

This week you should find 2 Coupon Inserts:

1 Redplum
1 Smartsource

Be advised that coupons vary by region. I recommend those of you living Rocky Mount or Greenville surrounding areas to buy the News and Observer rather than your local paper.

I have bought one of each and found that you get better coupons in the News and Observer because it's based in bigger city with a higher cost of living (at least I think so).

What's $2 for a paper when you will save way more than that using the coupons?


Enjoy, go check out coupons that will come in tomorrow and remember they will vary!

from A Diva!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Harris Teeter Pharmacy - FREE Grocery!!!!

Well I had a little help from Harris Teeter Pharmacy with my last shopping trip!

I got $20 in FREE groceries for transferring and refilling my prescription at Harris Teeter!


For VIC customers that transfer their prescriptions and refill them will receive $20 coupon per prescription through October 2. So if you have enough prescriptions, you can earn up to $200 in FREE groceries by Oct. 2, 2012. The coupons will expire on Oct. 9, 2012.

The $20 will immediately come off your total of $20 or more! I used mine today and it even came off before any of my coupons were scanned. However, you may only use one $20 coupon per day. So split up your deals and you should be fine!

You must me a new pharmacy user or tranferring them in from another pharmacy (not another Harris Teeter)! Limited to 10 prescriptions per household total.

You will receive a punch card from your Pharmacist to keep up with how many coupons you have earned! I love this deal. It's the best transfer deal I have seen so far!

Hurry over to HT Pharmacy to look over the details. Click Link Below!

Enjoy coupon friends!

from A Diva!

Harris Teeter Super Double Brag Trip 8-10-12

This week through 8-14-12, Harris Teeter is doubling coupons up to $2 (meaning $4 off if doubled)! This is an awesome deal. Check here for HT Coupon Policy!

So here's my swag from Harris Teeter this afternoon:

1 Meal Deal @ $6.99 (used e-VIC coupon for $1 off Nutella) - $5.99 - Meal Details
2 Deer Park 24 ct Bottle Waters @ B1G1 Free 2/$7.49
1 Gatorade 20 oz. 8 pack @ e-VIC Price $3.97
1 Ocean Spray Fruit Snack $2 (used $.50/1 coupon) = $1
2 Orville Red. Popcorn @ B1G1 Free 2/$3.59 (used e-VIC coupon $1 off 1) = 2/$2.59
3 Kellog's Poptarts @ 3/$5 (used $1/3 coupon) = 3/$3
1 Ortega Taco Kit @ $2.50 and 1 Ortega Seasoning @ $1.15 (used $1/2 coupon) = both for $1.65
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix @ $2.29 and 1 Hungry Jack Syrup @ 3.29
(used $2/2 coupon) = both for $1.58
10 Zatarain Rice Mixes @ B2G3 FREE, (used e-VIC coupon $.50/3) = paid $7.30 for 10 boxes
1 All Detergent @ 3.99 (used $1/1 coupon) = $1.99
1 Tampax Pearl 18 ct. @ $4.49 (used $2/1 coupon + e-VIC coupon $2 off 1) =FREE + Overage
1 HT Garlic Bread @ $1.67
2 Turkey Hill Lemonade @ 2/$4 (used $1/2 coupon) =2/$2
Lemonade not pictured because I dropped one and forgot to put the other one in!
1 Allegra 5-ct @ $6.49 (used $2/1 coupon) = $2.49 + will submit rebate = FREE
1 Aleve 24 ct. @ $2.99 (used $1/1 coupon) = $.99

My Total before Coupons and VIC Card was $117.78

Total After Saving OOP: $24.34 (79.33% savings)

Now this was an awesome trip however I did have a little help from HT Pharmacy! Read my next blogpost to find out how I got extra savings!

Happy Shopping!

from A Diva!

Feel free to share your shopping trips with me and if you want to they can be featured on my blog!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mailbox Freebies Week 7-29-12

Such a wonderful day to find freebies in my Mailbox!

~Free U by Kotex Sample from Wal-mart (no longer available) with U by Kotex coupon
~ Free Garnier Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner sample from Target (no longer available)
~ Free Shick Hydro Silk Razor from Wal-mart (I do not remember requesting this but it's cool) with coupons for Shick refill and coupon for Skintimate!
~SheerCover Lip to Lid Highlighter courtesy of Influenster! Won Brand Challenge for blog post on SheerCover concealer. Great stuff!

Tell me about what you receive in the mail some time.

Enjoy Freebies!

from A Diva!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

BioTrue Contact Solution Sample from Target

Quickly head over to Target Sample Spot to request a free sample of Biotrue contact solution.

It's always nice to try something new! Hurry over quickly, Target samples do not last long!

from A Diva!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pepsi Next Deal at Target!

Got an awesome deal this week thanks to Krazy Coupon Lady!

Target has an awesome deal, in the paper on 7/22 there was a "Moments to Save" insert, with a $0.55/1 Pepsi Next 2 liter coupon inside.

So here's the deal:

Text "Dragon" or "Honey" to 827438

Target sends a coupon for Free Pepsi Next 2 liter w/ the Purchase of a Pepsi Next 2 liter/ 12pk.

Pepsi Next 2 liters are on sale for $1 each.

Get 2 Pepsi Next 2 liter @ $1 each
Use $0.55/1 Pepsi Next 2 liter and your target coupon for BOGO Free.

My total price with taxes was $0.52!

Hurry coupons expire on the 8/4/12 for target and the sale may end.

Please Note: I got this deal in Greenville, NC Target, hopefully the mobile coupon is still available. If you have not used Target mobile coupons you will have to subscribe, a link will be texted to you phone.

from A Diva!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cool Deal for you Grape Lovers at Harris Teeter!

Hey guys, if you love Welch's Juice and  Jelly and Lance crackers or Snyder Preztals then this deal is for you!

From July 25, 2012 - July 31, 2012

Buy 1 Welch's 64oz or 6pk 10oz bottles + 2 Lance Cracker/Snyder's Lunch Packs

You Get:

A FREE 22 oz. Welch's Squeezable Jelly ($2.49 value)

 So here a possible deal with COUPONS of course:

Buy 1 Welch's 100% Grape Juice @ $4.19 (w/VIC Card through July 31st)
*Use $1 off 1 Welch's 100% Juice or 10 oz, 4pk or 6pk Print Here * Exp. 8/2/12

Final Price: $3.19

Lance Cracker are B1G1 Free @ $1.67 each = 2 for $3.35
* Use 2 $0.55 off 1 Lance Crackers Coupon Print Here * Exp. 9/23/12**

Final Price: 2 for $1.15 (With Doubled Coupons)

Total Spent for 4 items: $4.34 (57% Savings)

Please Note: This was done off the coupons I have available you may have better coupons and can get a better deal. This is just one scenario. I thought this was a fun deal. Good Luck!

 Click Here for additional details on Harris Teeter Website!

You should be able to print each coupon twice!

Please share or leave comments on your deals!

As always from A Diva!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free Sample of Woolite Extra Dark from Target

Another great FREE Sample from Target! Need some extra help getting your dark clothes clean, try Woolite Extra Dark Care.

Enjoy this free sample and see the difference it makes in your darks.

Head over to Target Sample Spot and grab this freebie before it's gone!


from A Diva!

Cow Appreciation Day 2012 @ Chick-fil-a!

Well it's that time of the year again, Cow Appreciation Day is this Friday, July 13, 2012!

What's this you ask?

Well Chick-fil-a will give you a FREE Entree if you are partially dressed like a cow or a FREE Meal if you are dressed from head to toe. This offer includes Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, so whenever you can head over GO!

Go to Cow Appreciation Day to received more information and download a Starter Kit for your Cow costume!

Good Luck and Eat More Chicken!

from A Diva!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

McAlister's FREE TEA DAY 2012!

Alrighty everyone it is BACK, FREE TEA DAY at McAlister's!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012!!!!

Make sure you head there and enjoy a good sized sweet tea. Also your lunch will be less without having to pay $2 for a drink. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Target Free Sample: Garnier Fructis

Free Sample from Target, Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine, I am assuming it will be the Shampoo and Conditioner.

Head over to Target Sample Spot for your Free Sample!

Enjoy! The Shout Free Sample is still available and also some Starbucks K-Cups!

from A Diva!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

TARGET FREE SAMPLE: Shout Color Catcher!

Well my favorite place to shop TARGET, has an awesome sample, hurry over because Target Samples do not last long.

Go get your FREE Sample of SHOUT Color Catcher at Target Sample Spot !

Enjoy washing your clothes all together with this wonderful product from SHOUT!

Doesn't it just make you want to SHOUT, COME NOW!

from A Diva!

FREE U By Kotex Sample from Wal-Mart!

Hello Beautiful ladies, got a sample just for you. Head over to for this free sample. (Click link below picture.)

Follow these Steps!

1. Click on Build Your Board
2. Create a board
3. After that's done you will be prompted to put information for a free sample and clutch!
4. Enjoy Ladies!

I believe you can pick either tampons, pads, or liners!

To guys reading this, umm sorry this is for the ladies and don't think it's nasty because if we didn't need this stuff you would be a Father!

from A Diva!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Freebies In My MailBox Week 6/10/12

There is nothing like a good week of Freebies! This week was pretty good, so I decided to share.

~ Target Summer Beauty Bag (this is my third Beauty bag from Target) To receive a Beauty Bag follow Target Style on facebook or visit Target Sample Spot for any samples!
    - Sample of Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner
    - Sample of TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner
    - Sample of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - Peach Parfait
    - Sample of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (Great for Summer)
    - Sample of Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying scrub
    - Target Beauty Coupons, that can be combined with Manufacturer Coupons for great deals.
~ July 2012 Issue of EBONY Magazine (part of FREE year subscription I received)
~ $15 in coupons from Bayer! (Sorry don't remember how I got this)
~ Free sample of Milk Bone Trail Mix from Walmart (not available anymore) and 2 $1 off coupons, one for Pup-Peroni Mix Stix and one for Milo's Kitchen Chicken Grillers (Chase gets freebies too)

Well hope you like, I will try to stay on informing you guys of freebies, thanks for reading. 

from A Diva!

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

One of the most amazing products in my Spring Beauty VoxBox courtesy of Influenster, were Dr. Scholl's for Her Ball of Foot!
These simple easy to use pads, make you feel great when wearing your favorite pumps. They come in one size and fit whatever type of shoes you feel the need to wear them with.
Why do I like Ball of Foot:
1. Easy to put in and remove from your shoes, only need to change approximately every 6 months.
2. Stays in place and will not damage your shoes.
3. Instead of toe scrunch when you walk you feel the comfortable sensation of gel against the bottom of the ball of your foot. Only product with FabuSTEP Gel.
Head over to Dr. Scholl's For Her, for more information and there is also a link on the website, for coupon for $2 off any Dr. Scholl's For Her Product!
Great product for all of you fabulous Divas that love rocking your fabulous but uncomfortable shoes. Go try Dr. Scholl's For Her!
from A DIVA!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

B1G1 Free McCafe Frozen Drinks

McDonald's has a coupon on their website, B1G1 Free Frozen Drinks Any Size. Click here to get your coupon, B1G1 Free Coupon! Just type in your name and click print coupon, coupon expires July 31, 2012.

Enjoy! I love the new Berry Chillers, they are great and the Frozen Strawberry Lemonades are great too.

from A DIVA!

Sheer Cover Review

Well here is another awesome sample (full size sample) I received from in their Spring Beauty VoxBox, Sheer Cover Duo Concealer from! This is first and foremost a great addition to any of my ladies make-up bag(s).

This concealer is apart of a set you may purchase from Sheer Cover, the concealer itself is $29.95 value for non-member but can be bought in a Sheer Cover set for a total of $29.95. So receiving this item to test was truly an honor. For more information or to make a purchase head over to !

What I Like About SHEER COVER Duo Concealer:
~ Easy application and can be worn with make-up or with out make-up. Looks great under my Revlon liquid foundation and my BareEscentuals Mineral make-up. Great Flawless Look!
~ Works on all skin types and colors, blend well with my deep brown skin.
~ Not only does it conceal but it also moisturizes with Jojoba and Allantoin 
~ It doesn't take much and can be easily applied with fingertips or make-up brush, just let it dry before putting on your make-up.

I believe this is great product and I have enjoyed testing it. It's a great addition to my make-bag. Go check out Sheer Cover!

Are you an eVIC member at Harris Teeter?

Many people think the savings stops at VIC Card, that is only the beginning! Have you been online and joined Harris Teeter's eVIC program? If not hurry over to e-VIC Sign-up, with your VIC card handy!

Why Join Harris Teeter's eVIC program?
1. Weekly emails and access to make and save your own shopping list.
2. eVIC coupons that can be used with your paper coupons, for maximum savings. Here's an example from the pass week: Gevalia Coffee (8.99) was B1G1 Free so $4.50 each, I had a $3 off 1 eVIC coupon and I used $1 off 1 Manufacturers coupon, and got some great coffee for $.50, AWESOME DEAL!
3. Weekend member only specials, on Friday mornings you will receive an email for specials from Friday through Tuesday and some Saturday Only Specials. Everyone gets the same Saturday Specials, but the rest of your specials may be different. For Example this past Saturday: 6-9-12: 6 or 8 Roll Sparkle Paper Towels were $4.77 (limit 2) and Ragu Pasta Sauces 16-24 oz were $.97 (limit 2).
4. A guaranteed chance to maximize your savings potential.

So join today if you haven't already and read your emails if you are already a member. Good Luck!

from A DIVA!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

So Influenster went out the way with the Spring Beauty VoxBox, I received a full sized bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom Fine Mist Fragrance from Bath and Body Works. What an amazing surprise, a full size bottle to TEST! Winning!

I haven't worn Bath and Body Works in long time but I really like the fine mist collection. The styling of the bottle is beautiful and makes you feel like you're getting some luxury overpriced perfume. It's light and fine and last all day. Which is great for any girl on the go. However, this sleek looking bottle of smell good body spray is only $14 in stores. Be sure to go check it out. If you're not a fan of Japanese Cherry Blossom, don't worry there are 20 other fragrances to choose from.

Also available fragrances:
~ Sweet Pea®
~ Cherry Blossom
~ White Citrus
~ Coconut Lime Breeze
~ Pink Chiffon
And many others, just wanted to name a few.

Don't forget to check your local Bath and Body Works, for some fragrances for the summer, sorry but thanks to Influenster, I already have a great bottle. I will definitely buy more, pretty sure there will be great sale. ENJOY GIRLS!

from A DIVA!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I had the pleasure to try a new product through Influenster ! Check out the one and only:


This is an absolutely fun item to test and I think they will make a great addition to any girl's life. Perfect for girls on the go!

The Top Three Things I like About Salon Effects;
1. No waiting for nails to DRY - I always mess up my nails because I can't sit still for them to dry
2. They last at up to 10 days - mine lasted approximately a week. Be careful when putting them on.
3. Cool Designs without the Salon Price, Get your own set for around $9.99, that's a great deal considering a standard manicure is about $20 dollars and if you want even the simpliest designs you will pay extra. Salon Effects covers all of your nails, easy with no dry time and just like nail polish you can remove it with Nail Polish remover.

Awesome Product, check out my nails:

Mine is called "Animal Instinct"!

Check out Sally Hansen Salon Effects online or check them out at local drug stores, chains stores, etc. Tell me what you think!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Run in with the Coupon Haters

So in the past week I have had to annoying Run ins with COUPON HATERS. Sorry but no other name to call them.

Olive Garden Refuse to accept my coupon from Recyclebank for $6 off 2 entrees. The main thing that made me upset was that Recyclebank is legit company and they have many partnerships with Olive Garden, magazine companies, Kashi, Ziploc, etc. So I knew the manager that came to my table was wrong. But he striked a nerve when he told me my coupon was fraudulent. I spent 150 points on that coupon.
How was this Resolved:
Well I let it go at the restaurant, I pulled out a coupon for a Free Desert (that's how you get them) and went home and immediately contacted Olive Garden's guest services through their website. I was contacted in a few days and was told that they would be calling the General Manager of that restaurant and tell them that they are partners with Recyclebank. I also got news that an Olive Garden Giftcard will be sent to me with in ten days. WINNING!

CVS cashier tells me I can not use a B1G1 Free Coupon during a B1G1 Free sale because her Manager said so. Now here's the problem, how are you a MANAGER and not know the policies of the company you work for and you're passing down false information to your employees. That's just sad. Gheez I know people that would love to have his position and do it correctly.
How was this Resolved:
I told her that I had no problem going to the car to get my personal copy of CVS Coupon Policy, which clearly states that I can use the B1G1 Free coupon on the B1G1 Free sale. Gheez can a girl get a deal on some Cranberry Juice!

All in all, keep a positive attitude and keep on saving and don't be afraid to speak up. Also don't ever be afraid to compliment or complain to a company. They want to hear your feed back and they may send something awesome to you in the mail.

Good Luck Frugal Divas! Be sure to click on the links for Recyclebank so you can join and also the link for CVS Policy so that you are informed.

from A Diva!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coupon Tips: NEW Beginnings!

People ask me all the time how do I get free stuff or they say they don't have enough time to coupon. Anyone can do it. Think of it as a job. The more work you put into it the more money you get out of in. In this case savings. Now if you're looking for EXTREME TLC COUPONING, then you're in the wrong place, when you go in the real world of Eastern North Carolina you will find that coupons have restrictions and it all depends on the store and the employees and how they are towards different store policies.

So I am writing this because I feel I need to enlighten some people on how to get savings. So I will be bloggin more, it's something I love but some times my life get fast paced and I can only manage myself in the coupon business.

So here is my advice to CHANGE the way you shop if you want to save. However if you like wasting money go right ahead.

A Diva's Advice:
1. Try to get at least 2 Newspapers a week or more. I strongly recommend you get the News and Observer if you're in Greenville or Rocky Mount. The News and Observer is Raleigh based and you get more coupons, they are $2 each.
2. Try to only BUY WHEN IT'S ON SALE or if you get rewards such as Walgreens Register Rewards, CVS Extra Bucks, and Walgreens UP+.
3. Plan your trip, then bring extra coupons in case you run into unadvertised deals or clearance. We love clearance.
4. Buy things you will need now and in the future. Examples would be Tissue, Cleaning supplies, Paper towels, Dish Detergent, Medicine, Toothpaste, Lotion, Body Wash, etc. Stuff you go through quickly. All of those things are always on sale and you can have a mini or large stock pile in no time.
5. Don't be too particular about brand. If it's free try it or donate it. But hey I have my favorites.
6. Do get a binder and organize your coupons and carry it with you in case something is on sale.
7. Sign up for every Store program you can and Restaurants have specials for your birthday. I get tons of free stuff all through August for my Birthday! Free meals are awesome by the way. I enjoy myself.
8. Learn your Stores Coupon Policies
9. Do research on other blogs, there are some great people on the web that will tell you the deals all over the place, they will also provide you with information on free samples and coupons.
10. Put a little time in and I promise it will pay off in return. I use to always spend about $100 on grocery when I made a big trip now that's in half.

Well Good Luck! This isn't the end, stay tuned for more Coupon Tips.

from A DIVA!

Preview Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox


This was on my Welcome mat when I got home this afternoon, I must say it was a nice surprise to the crazy week I have had.

~Chapstick LipSHIELD365~
~Strawberry SOYJOY Bar~
~Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works~
~Sally Hansen SALON Effects (Pink with Black Zebra Print)~
~Trail size Aveeno Body Wash~
~SheerCover DUO Concealer~
~Dr. Scholls For Her - Ball of Foot~

I am so excited to blog about these goodies later on but I just wanted to show off my box. Plus I haven't blogged lately.

If you want some goodies like this and love to share you opinion feel free to join INFLUENSTER!

from A Diva!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freebies in My Mailbox Week 3-25-12 - 4-1-12


* Sample of Beneful Baked Delights (2 different packs) from Wal-mart (No longer available)
* FREE Easter Card for Grandma from Use Code CCE2326. First 50,000 ONLY!
* Impress Nails Brand Challenge Gift from (2 Packs of Impress Nails and 1 pack of Kiss Nail Dress) I am currently wearing the Kiss Nail Dress, so far so good!
* Sample of Weil for Origins Skin Tone Serum (No longer available)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 28th a Cool Day for you!

Everyone loves cheap food or drinks from their favorite fast food restaurants. Well check this out!


 According to local radio station in Greenville, NC (I think it was 101.9), tomorrow from around 7am until 9pm, McDonald's will be selling their delicious Strawberry Lemonade for 25 cents! (No further details, not sure what size, but hey soon as I check it out, I will update this post)

Jersey Mike's:

 I got email from Jersey Mike's about their Make a DIFFERENCE Day (March 28, 2012). Look out for your participating Jersey Mike's for either a FREE SUB with a $2 donation or they will be donating 50% of their proceeds to a charity.

I already checked the Greenville, NC area and unfortunately, they are doing the 50% donation, so no $2 sub, here's a link to check you city Make A Difference Day!

Well I recommend you check out both and as for Jersey Mike's if you can't get a sub for $2 well enjoy a lunch knowing that half of the proceeds from their sales tomorrow will go towards a charity!

Good Luck!

from A DIVA!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Freebies in My Mailbox Week of 3/18/12 - 3/25/12

Well this is what came in my mailbox this past week!

* Free Ebony Magazine(Special Commemorative Issue for Whitney Houston) Part of Free 1 year Subscription( No Longer Available)
* Sample of NEW Crystal Light Energy and Coupon for $1 off one 10ct pack(No Longer Available)
* Two B1G1 Free Coupons for Dasani Water(20oz or 1L bottles) from Recyclebank  Points. Join Recyclebank!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Almost at 500 Page view!!!!!

Continue Checking me out, almost at 500 page views!!!


How to Subscribe:
1. Simply add your e-mail address to my list! ( On the right side of my blog in the tools section you will find a box to key in your email address)
2. Scroll down some more and link with me through Google Friend Connect.

Also, if you have anything you think I can blog about specifically for you then feel free to shoot me an e-mail,! I would love to hear from you. Or leave me a comment on your favorite posts, let's have fun!

Well as everyone knows I get freebies, so I am thinking about giving prizes out soon to those who subscribe, so hurry up and subscribe you may be a lucky winner!  Details to come!

from A DIVA!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Harris Teeter: Triple Coupons!!!!!

Alright it's back again, Harris Teeter is Tripling COUPONS up to a $0.99. Remember only 20 coupons will be tripled per day per customer. Here is the Harris Teeter Coupon Policy !

Enjoy, go out and get some good deals and plan ahead, no one wants to be in the Super Market all day!

from A DIVA!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

$0.45 @ CVS 3-20-12, WIN!

Well I don't need much but I like to keep a few things in stock and two of those things are Dish Detergent and Tissue (Mostly because my dog seems to claim a roll every now and then lol)!

So last week I earned $5.99 in Extra Bucks this week from buy Zrytec (Awesome if you have sinus problem like I do)! Anyways so I wanted to spend them. I went in for tissue but only was able to get one pack, because someone had cleared the shelves. So here is the breakdown:

2 - Dawn 9 oz. Detergents @ $0.99 each on sale from $1.99
1 - Charmin Double Roll 4 pk @ $2.99 on sale from $3.29
4 - Welch's 14oz. Juice @ $0.89 each on clearance from $1.79
1 - Frances*** Original Caramel @ $0.33 (used as filler)

Coupons Used:
2 - $0.25 off Any Dawn detergent
1 - $1.00 off any Charmin tissue
25% off purchase CVS Weekly Coupon (Only applies to non-sale items, but includes clearance)
$5.99 in Extra Bucks

Total: $9.31
Total Paid Out Of Pocket: $0.45 Total Savings: 95%


from A Diva

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hey everyone, found a cool new website! If you know me I love a chance for free samples and I love earning points towards fun prizes and I heard this website even offers Cash. It's new to me, I just joined a few days ago, but hey give it a try. I think it will be fun and rewarding!

Hurry over to CrowdTap!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Sample: Purex UltraPacks

Hurry over to Wal-Mart for a free sample of the new Purex UltraPacks Detergent! I think these will be pretty cool, I am all about quick and easier ways of doing things and laundry is one of them. 

Head over to Purex Free Sample!

from A Diva!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So I know everyone likes free stuff and chances to win cool prizes. Well look no further, try SwagBucks! It's a free online rewards program with awesome deals. I have been with them less than a year and I have been able to get 2 $10 CVS giftcards and a $25 giftcard. It's fun, it's easy. You earn by doing simple things like taking polls, participating in advertisements, watching videos, searching the web, etc. All are things we do everyday on the Internet, so why not do it on a cool website that rewards??? Duh! Go for it!

Hurry over to SwagBucks now and sign up, you can even sign up faster by using your Facebook account! Good luck and have fun!

Possible TARGET FREE sample pack!

Well last year I received a Free Sample gift bag from Target with tons of amazing beauty samples along with great Target coupons to be combined with other Manufacturers coupons. However, this time it appears they have changed it up on us. In order to get the free sample you must buy an item that is eligible from Target stores and a special code will print off onto the receipt then you can go online and get the free sample. I will let check this out later this week and let you know for sure how it works and what items you should buy to get the code. For anyone who already has a code great, go on to TARGET SAMPLE SPOT and request your FREEBIE, trust me you will enjoy it.

I still use the beauty bag all my goodies came in!

from A Diva!

March 2012 P&G FREE Coupon Book!

Hey Guys, the March 2012 P&G Gather Together coupon book is now available! Get yours today! Simply go here Coupon Book and either sign in and sign up and a Coupon Booklet will be in your mailbox in 4 - 6 weeks! Enjoy!

from A Diva!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Purina has Something Special for Our Best Friend

Well if you love your doggie like I love my Chase then I know you love giving your K-9 treats. Wal-Mart currently has a free sample of Beneful Baked Delights. Go check it out. Hurry these samples go fast.

Purina Free Sample !

Freebies in My Mailbox 3-6-12

I apologize guys I have got to do better with blogging but I have been super busy but here are some P & G Freebies I received this week:

The Brand Sampler from P & G is always a great gift in the mail.
~ A sample of Scope Mouthwash
~ A sample of Downy Unstoppables
~ A sample of Crest Complete toothpaste and Crest 3D Whitening toothpaste along with a set of teeth whitening strips
~ Always sample
~ Dawn Detergent sample
~ Prilosec OTC
~ and of course a coupon book full of great high values coupons for these products and more.

If you would like the chance to receive these special offers,  go to P&G Brand Sampler!

Good luck! Much Love all!

from A Diva

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free Wendy's Fries!!!!

I love FREE stuff and I know you love FREE stuff! So here's how to get a FREE Small French Fries from Wendy's!

1. Text FRIES to 81229
2. Wait Patiently and Wendy's will send you a coupon for the Free Small French Fries and add you to their Text List! (Coupon expires in 7 days).

Or you can register at My Real Burger!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meow Mix Free Sample and Coupon

Head over to for a free sample of Meow Mix and a $1.00 off coupon through the mail!

Hurry up and enjoy, samples and coupons do not last long!

Free Snapple Coupon $1 off

Head over to WalMart's Website for a free coupon for $1.00 off the purchase of ONE 6-pk glass bottles of Snapple! Snapple Coupon

Enjoy coupons and free samples go quickly!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Harris Teeter: Get your coupons Ready!


Note: Harris Teeter normally only doubles coupons up to $0.99 value so take advantage, also remember no more then 20 coupons per household, per day!

For more details CLICK HERE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kleenex Share One Get One

Join Kleenex for a free sample of their NEW Cool Touch Tissue, Share one with a friend and Get one for yourself. We all love free samples so hurry over to Kleenex Free Sample! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012

1. Inspirational Quotes and some Personal Notes
2. Coupons Savings, where to find them and use them
3. Freebies, where to find them before they run out
4. Baking, definitely getting into this Cupcake thing
Happy New Year from A Diva!
A new beginning is perhaps the best time to say…
It’s so nice to know you…
And here’s wishing our friendship
continues to grow in the days to come.
Author Unknown