Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

So Influenster went out the way with the Spring Beauty VoxBox, I received a full sized bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom Fine Mist Fragrance from Bath and Body Works. What an amazing surprise, a full size bottle to TEST! Winning!

I haven't worn Bath and Body Works in long time but I really like the fine mist collection. The styling of the bottle is beautiful and makes you feel like you're getting some luxury overpriced perfume. It's light and fine and last all day. Which is great for any girl on the go. However, this sleek looking bottle of smell good body spray is only $14 in stores. Be sure to go check it out. If you're not a fan of Japanese Cherry Blossom, don't worry there are 20 other fragrances to choose from.

Also available fragrances:
~ Sweet Pea®
~ Cherry Blossom
~ White Citrus
~ Coconut Lime Breeze
~ Pink Chiffon
And many others, just wanted to name a few.

Don't forget to check your local Bath and Body Works, for some fragrances for the summer, sorry but thanks to Influenster, I already have a great bottle. I will definitely buy more, pretty sure there will be great sale. ENJOY GIRLS!

from A DIVA!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I had the pleasure to try a new product through Influenster ! Check out the one and only:


This is an absolutely fun item to test and I think they will make a great addition to any girl's life. Perfect for girls on the go!

The Top Three Things I like About Salon Effects;
1. No waiting for nails to DRY - I always mess up my nails because I can't sit still for them to dry
2. They last at up to 10 days - mine lasted approximately a week. Be careful when putting them on.
3. Cool Designs without the Salon Price, Get your own set for around $9.99, that's a great deal considering a standard manicure is about $20 dollars and if you want even the simpliest designs you will pay extra. Salon Effects covers all of your nails, easy with no dry time and just like nail polish you can remove it with Nail Polish remover.

Awesome Product, check out my nails:

Mine is called "Animal Instinct"!

Check out Sally Hansen Salon Effects online or check them out at local drug stores, chains stores, etc. Tell me what you think!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Run in with the Coupon Haters

So in the past week I have had to annoying Run ins with COUPON HATERS. Sorry but no other name to call them.

Olive Garden Refuse to accept my coupon from Recyclebank for $6 off 2 entrees. The main thing that made me upset was that Recyclebank is legit company and they have many partnerships with Olive Garden, magazine companies, Kashi, Ziploc, etc. So I knew the manager that came to my table was wrong. But he striked a nerve when he told me my coupon was fraudulent. I spent 150 points on that coupon.
How was this Resolved:
Well I let it go at the restaurant, I pulled out a coupon for a Free Desert (that's how you get them) and went home and immediately contacted Olive Garden's guest services through their website. I was contacted in a few days and was told that they would be calling the General Manager of that restaurant and tell them that they are partners with Recyclebank. I also got news that an Olive Garden Giftcard will be sent to me with in ten days. WINNING!

CVS cashier tells me I can not use a B1G1 Free Coupon during a B1G1 Free sale because her Manager said so. Now here's the problem, how are you a MANAGER and not know the policies of the company you work for and you're passing down false information to your employees. That's just sad. Gheez I know people that would love to have his position and do it correctly.
How was this Resolved:
I told her that I had no problem going to the car to get my personal copy of CVS Coupon Policy, which clearly states that I can use the B1G1 Free coupon on the B1G1 Free sale. Gheez can a girl get a deal on some Cranberry Juice!

All in all, keep a positive attitude and keep on saving and don't be afraid to speak up. Also don't ever be afraid to compliment or complain to a company. They want to hear your feed back and they may send something awesome to you in the mail.

Good Luck Frugal Divas! Be sure to click on the links for Recyclebank so you can join and also the link for CVS Policy so that you are informed.

from A Diva!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coupon Tips: NEW Beginnings!

People ask me all the time how do I get free stuff or they say they don't have enough time to coupon. Anyone can do it. Think of it as a job. The more work you put into it the more money you get out of in. In this case savings. Now if you're looking for EXTREME TLC COUPONING, then you're in the wrong place, when you go in the real world of Eastern North Carolina you will find that coupons have restrictions and it all depends on the store and the employees and how they are towards different store policies.

So I am writing this because I feel I need to enlighten some people on how to get savings. So I will be bloggin more, it's something I love but some times my life get fast paced and I can only manage myself in the coupon business.

So here is my advice to CHANGE the way you shop if you want to save. However if you like wasting money go right ahead.

A Diva's Advice:
1. Try to get at least 2 Newspapers a week or more. I strongly recommend you get the News and Observer if you're in Greenville or Rocky Mount. The News and Observer is Raleigh based and you get more coupons, they are $2 each.
2. Try to only BUY WHEN IT'S ON SALE or if you get rewards such as Walgreens Register Rewards, CVS Extra Bucks, and Walgreens UP+.
3. Plan your trip, then bring extra coupons in case you run into unadvertised deals or clearance. We love clearance.
4. Buy things you will need now and in the future. Examples would be Tissue, Cleaning supplies, Paper towels, Dish Detergent, Medicine, Toothpaste, Lotion, Body Wash, etc. Stuff you go through quickly. All of those things are always on sale and you can have a mini or large stock pile in no time.
5. Don't be too particular about brand. If it's free try it or donate it. But hey I have my favorites.
6. Do get a binder and organize your coupons and carry it with you in case something is on sale.
7. Sign up for every Store program you can and Restaurants have specials for your birthday. I get tons of free stuff all through August for my Birthday! Free meals are awesome by the way. I enjoy myself.
8. Learn your Stores Coupon Policies
9. Do research on other blogs, there are some great people on the web that will tell you the deals all over the place, they will also provide you with information on free samples and coupons.
10. Put a little time in and I promise it will pay off in return. I use to always spend about $100 on grocery when I made a big trip now that's in half.

Well Good Luck! This isn't the end, stay tuned for more Coupon Tips.

from A DIVA!

Preview Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox


This was on my Welcome mat when I got home this afternoon, I must say it was a nice surprise to the crazy week I have had.

~Chapstick LipSHIELD365~
~Strawberry SOYJOY Bar~
~Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works~
~Sally Hansen SALON Effects (Pink with Black Zebra Print)~
~Trail size Aveeno Body Wash~
~SheerCover DUO Concealer~
~Dr. Scholls For Her - Ball of Foot~

I am so excited to blog about these goodies later on but I just wanted to show off my box. Plus I haven't blogged lately.

If you want some goodies like this and love to share you opinion feel free to join INFLUENSTER!

from A Diva!