Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 28th a Cool Day for you!

Everyone loves cheap food or drinks from their favorite fast food restaurants. Well check this out!


 According to local radio station in Greenville, NC (I think it was 101.9), tomorrow from around 7am until 9pm, McDonald's will be selling their delicious Strawberry Lemonade for 25 cents! (No further details, not sure what size, but hey soon as I check it out, I will update this post)

Jersey Mike's:

 I got email from Jersey Mike's about their Make a DIFFERENCE Day (March 28, 2012). Look out for your participating Jersey Mike's for either a FREE SUB with a $2 donation or they will be donating 50% of their proceeds to a charity.

I already checked the Greenville, NC area and unfortunately, they are doing the 50% donation, so no $2 sub, here's a link to check you city Make A Difference Day!

Well I recommend you check out both and as for Jersey Mike's if you can't get a sub for $2 well enjoy a lunch knowing that half of the proceeds from their sales tomorrow will go towards a charity!

Good Luck!

from A DIVA!

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