Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Run in with the Coupon Haters

So in the past week I have had to annoying Run ins with COUPON HATERS. Sorry but no other name to call them.

Olive Garden Refuse to accept my coupon from Recyclebank for $6 off 2 entrees. The main thing that made me upset was that Recyclebank is legit company and they have many partnerships with Olive Garden, magazine companies, Kashi, Ziploc, etc. So I knew the manager that came to my table was wrong. But he striked a nerve when he told me my coupon was fraudulent. I spent 150 points on that coupon.
How was this Resolved:
Well I let it go at the restaurant, I pulled out a coupon for a Free Desert (that's how you get them) and went home and immediately contacted Olive Garden's guest services through their website. I was contacted in a few days and was told that they would be calling the General Manager of that restaurant and tell them that they are partners with Recyclebank. I also got news that an Olive Garden Giftcard will be sent to me with in ten days. WINNING!

CVS cashier tells me I can not use a B1G1 Free Coupon during a B1G1 Free sale because her Manager said so. Now here's the problem, how are you a MANAGER and not know the policies of the company you work for and you're passing down false information to your employees. That's just sad. Gheez I know people that would love to have his position and do it correctly.
How was this Resolved:
I told her that I had no problem going to the car to get my personal copy of CVS Coupon Policy, which clearly states that I can use the B1G1 Free coupon on the B1G1 Free sale. Gheez can a girl get a deal on some Cranberry Juice!

All in all, keep a positive attitude and keep on saving and don't be afraid to speak up. Also don't ever be afraid to compliment or complain to a company. They want to hear your feed back and they may send something awesome to you in the mail.

Good Luck Frugal Divas! Be sure to click on the links for Recyclebank so you can join and also the link for CVS Policy so that you are informed.

from A Diva!

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