Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coupon Tips: NEW Beginnings!

People ask me all the time how do I get free stuff or they say they don't have enough time to coupon. Anyone can do it. Think of it as a job. The more work you put into it the more money you get out of in. In this case savings. Now if you're looking for EXTREME TLC COUPONING, then you're in the wrong place, when you go in the real world of Eastern North Carolina you will find that coupons have restrictions and it all depends on the store and the employees and how they are towards different store policies.

So I am writing this because I feel I need to enlighten some people on how to get savings. So I will be bloggin more, it's something I love but some times my life get fast paced and I can only manage myself in the coupon business.

So here is my advice to CHANGE the way you shop if you want to save. However if you like wasting money go right ahead.

A Diva's Advice:
1. Try to get at least 2 Newspapers a week or more. I strongly recommend you get the News and Observer if you're in Greenville or Rocky Mount. The News and Observer is Raleigh based and you get more coupons, they are $2 each.
2. Try to only BUY WHEN IT'S ON SALE or if you get rewards such as Walgreens Register Rewards, CVS Extra Bucks, and Walgreens UP+.
3. Plan your trip, then bring extra coupons in case you run into unadvertised deals or clearance. We love clearance.
4. Buy things you will need now and in the future. Examples would be Tissue, Cleaning supplies, Paper towels, Dish Detergent, Medicine, Toothpaste, Lotion, Body Wash, etc. Stuff you go through quickly. All of those things are always on sale and you can have a mini or large stock pile in no time.
5. Don't be too particular about brand. If it's free try it or donate it. But hey I have my favorites.
6. Do get a binder and organize your coupons and carry it with you in case something is on sale.
7. Sign up for every Store program you can and Restaurants have specials for your birthday. I get tons of free stuff all through August for my Birthday! Free meals are awesome by the way. I enjoy myself.
8. Learn your Stores Coupon Policies
9. Do research on other blogs, there are some great people on the web that will tell you the deals all over the place, they will also provide you with information on free samples and coupons.
10. Put a little time in and I promise it will pay off in return. I use to always spend about $100 on grocery when I made a big trip now that's in half.

Well Good Luck! This isn't the end, stay tuned for more Coupon Tips.

from A DIVA!

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